District 7090 - GSE Committee is officially launching the search for a GSE Team Leader and four GSE Team Members for our out going exchange with District 3800 the Philippines. 

Attached are the Media Releases (US and Canadian) in word and as editable PDFs, which you can personalize for your club, and distribute to your local media contacts as soon as possible. Team Member qualification are outlined in the attached script. Also attached are the application forms for Team Leader and  Team Members. (these documents have been posted within our website, under club documents-international service-GSE Team docs 2013)   

The criteria for Team leader is very straight forward. Must be a Rotarian in good standing, healthy and have the support of his/her home club.

 The time lines for the out going GSE Team has now been solidified. Departure will on February 15th returning March 15th 2013. With these timelines in mind the deadlines for Team Leader Applications is October 15th and Team Member Applications Nov 2nd, 2012. Interviews to select both Team Members will be held Saturday, November 17th.

 This information is very time sensitive, please share it with your club members as soon as possible. For further information contact GSE Co-Chairs Bob Gosselin (CA 905 682 6740 or robert2gosselin@gmail.com) and Dan Smith (US 716 269 9900 or dsmith@plantrol.com) or visit www.rotary.rotary7090.org or www.rotary.org.

Please note: Our club will host two guest speakers on Feb. 14th who were a part of the last GSE team to Brazil. If you have questions about becoming a part of a GSE team, you can also address those questions with this group at that time. GSE is funded through Rotarian's contributions to the Annual Programs Fund-SHARE program, a portion of which is gifted to the World Fund for this purpose. (As members of our club, you gift towards this annually through your dues)

As we transition to Future Vision in July 2013, the GSE teams will not continue as they were, but rather, it will be at the discretion of each district whether they will continue with the teams, and thus funding will shift from World Fund to District Designated Funds (DDF), which come from the other half of your gift to the Annual Programs Fund-SHARE program. In place of the formal GSE teams, the Foundation is embracing Vocational Training Teams (VTT's), which will focus on different criteria for team members, typically on a specific functional specialty and with the purpose of training and sharing best practices within that vocation across countries.